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Mali Ondes & Medias is a radio channel based in Bamako, Mali. It is a popular station that aims to serve the entire country with a variety of informative and entertaining programs. The channel broadcasts in the French language and is focused on news, sports, music, and cultural aspects of Malian society.

The target audience of Mali Ondes & Medias is broad, covering all regions of Mali, especially those in rural areas. It operates from 6 am to midnight every day, providing listeners with up-to-date information on domestic, regional, and international issues.

The channel's programming includes various shows such as 'Le Journal', a daily news bulletin, 'Agenda Culturel', a program that highlights the latest cultural events in the country, and 'Chronique Sportive', a sports show featuring local and international sports news.

Mali Ondes & Medias is an excellent source of information and entertainment for the people of Mali, covering all aspects of life in the country. If you are looking for a reliable source of news and entertainment in Mali, this is the channel to listen to.
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